Services Provided

Here are just some of the things the Big Canoe Volunteer Fire Department does for the community:

  • Your Big Canoe Volunteer Fire Department staff are all trained for 8 weeks in Support Role Firefighter classes and must pass written and practical skills tests. We are also required to complete at least 120 hours of training and 24 hours of State Certified training each year. We have volunteers who have completed and been certified as an Interior Fire Fighter. Others have acquired their Class F driver’s license and are qualified to drive and operate multiple fire apparatus and support vehicles. In addition, we have volunteers who have completed Emergency Medical Response training, Emergency Medical Tech training, as well as Water Safety and Life Saving certification to qualify as responders on our Rescue Boat.
  • Once training and testing is completed our volunteers are equipped with the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and a department radio, and become part of our emergency response network (OneCall and IamResponding) for notification on a 24/7 basis to response requirements within Big Canoe.
  • The majority of our training allows us to provide the physical skills, knowledge, and concepts to assist as directed to fight fires.
  • We provide traffic control for multiple events in Big Canoe each year and in support of Public Safety for fires, Helicopter Air Transport, motor vehicle accidents, and other emergencies.
  • During and after storms you will find us working with Public Safety and Maintenance to clear roads, and driveways to maintain access for residents, guests, contractors and emergency vehicles.
  • When Big Canoe has heavy snow and ice weather conditions, the volunteers support Public Safety and Maintenance to transport people, assist vehicles and deal with emergencies.
  • We support our EMT and Paramedics with medical calls and medical emergencies, as well as the Pickens and Dawson counties Emergency Responders.
  • The volunteers team up with Public Safety for our annual requirements to conduct Fire Hydrant testing and Fire Hose testing.
  • Certified Water Safety volunteers assist Public Safety with safety and emergency situations using the Rescue Boat on Lake Petit.
  • We assist with set up, decorating and dismantling the annual Christmas Event.